The alphabet is a pretty fundamental building block for everything else in life. If you’re working with your little one and learning their ABCs, we have some fun activities to help!

ABC Puzzles – Work on alphabet puzzles together. This is a very tactile way for kids to see and feel letters, as well as understand where they go in relation to each other.

ABC Books – You know how much we love reading at Country Home Learning Center. We believe there’s no such thing as reading to or with your child too much. ABC books are a great way to get them comfortable with the alphabet. (Check out these ABC books for kids.)

Bath Letters – Playing with foam letters in the bathtub is another great way for kids to explore the ABC.

Edible Letters – Whether you buy alphabet cookies from the store or make alphabet pancakes at home, food is a super fun way to get your child excited about the alphabet. Start out by having your child point out letters that you made or bought. Once your child has mastered the alphabet, you can practice forming the letters together, with dough or cooked spaghetti noodles.

The Alphabet Game – This classic car game is perfect for your toddler learning the ABCs. As you’re driving, see what letters they can point out. Bonus points if they can start with A and end with Z!

There are so many ways to incorporate learning the alphabet into your child’s day, because the alphabet is everywhere we look! Try not to get worried or frustrated if your little one isn’t catching on as fast as you’d like. Remember, every child is different. As you help the alphabet come to life, and point out how we can see the ABCs in so many places, your child will start putting the pieces together until it clicks. Keep encouraging her, and have fun with it!