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Crock-Pot Recipes: Salsa Chicken

September 8, 2015  |  Categories: General Child Care

Crock-Pots always take us back to cool breezes, hearty soups and crackling fires in the hearth.  They practically overflow with all our fondest fall memories, and if you think hard enough, they do the same for you.  Food is at the center of so many wonderful family moments across time.  That’s why we wanted to bring…

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Child Development: Music and Children

August 25, 2015  |  Categories: Behavior, Child Development, General Child Care, Parent Resources, Preschool Preparedness, Quick Tips

For your entire life, you’ve probably been bombarded by the positive effects of music in your life.  Maybe in middle school, you conducted the classic music and plant experiment. You know the one: set up your plants next to various pieces by Mozart and Bach and see which one grows the fastest.  Or perhaps you…

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Family Organization: Chore Checklist

August 18, 2015  |  Categories: General Child Care

With less than a week until the first day of school here at Country Home Learning Center, we’re in mega organization mode.  There’s lots to be sorted and labeled and cleaned, and we’re sure your household is no different.  School supplies have to be purchased, new shoes broken in and bedtimes reinstated. How will you…

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Summer Activities: Shaving Cream Play

August 4, 2015  |  Categories: General Child Care

The end of summer is right around the corner.  Stores have started stocking up on school supplies and you can practically smell the dread of students everywhere hanging in the air.  Summer has a shelf life and you and your family only have a few short weeks before expiration hits!  Let us help you make…

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Child Development: Learning Languages

July 28, 2015  |  Categories: Child Development, General Child Care

Hola! Ciao! Salut! Ni Hao! Shalom! How many different languages can you say “hello” in?  What about other words?  Can you get through a Spanish conversation or ask for directions in Italian?  While these skills may seem funny or unnecessary to you, they are becoming increasingly important for your children’s development.  Learning other languages will…

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Kid Recipes: Ice Cube Tray Popsicles

July 14, 2015  |  Categories: Activities, Parent and Child Activities

The midsummer months usher in patriotic picnics, lightning bugs and blazing afternoon heat.  How will you beat the July heat with your kiddos?  Of course, we always suggest sprinklers in the front yard, plenty of iced water and a weekend trip to the beach as the remedy for this summertime problem.  However, we all know…

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Summer Activities: Coloring Page for Boys

July 7, 2015  |  Categories: Activities, Parent Resources

  Calling all summertime boredom induced boys!  Country Home Learning Center has a solution to all of your woes.  Grab a box of colored pencils or crayons, pick out your favorite colors and have a seat at the table.  Ask a grown-up to print out this coloring page and get ready to show off your…

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