young boy reading a book on the beach

With summer comes trips to the beach, and what better way to get prepared for those fun outings than by reading about them in books? Here’s a look at some beach-themed books for kids.

Beach Bummer

This Little Bruce Book is sure to delight young kids. Written by Ryan Higgins, Beach Bummer is all about beach day in Soggy Hollow, where everyone is enjoying the sun — except for Bruce. It’s too sandy, windy, and hot and all Bruce wants to do is sit in the shade and do nothing.

Llama Llama Sand and Sun

Authored by Anna Dewdney, Llama Llama Sand and Sun is a New York Times bestselling series. Follow Llama Llama and friends as they splash in the waves, build sandcastles on the beach, and soak up the sun. This fun book includes five interactive touch-and-feel elements with a beloved story that will have your kids begging you to read it over and over.

Bluey: The Beach

Join in on Bluey’s latest adventure with a book that’s based on an episode of the popular animated series, Bluey on Disney+. You and your kids will join Bluey for a fun beach day as you see what she discovers along the way. While Mum goes for a walk, Bluey comes across a beautiful shell so she runs off to show Mum. That’s where all the laugh-out-loud encounters begin that will test Bluey in many ways. Bluey: The Beach is sure to be a big hit with the little ones.

Who’s Hiding at the Beach?

Who’s Hiding at the Beach is an innovative lift-the-flap book filled with collaged pages as you embark on an adventure of exploring under rocks, shells, and seaweed to learn all about the wonders of seaside wildlife. Where are all the creatures hiding and what are they all doing? Find out with this enchanting book illustrated by Katharine McEwen.

Seagull Sid and the Naughty Things His Seagulls Did

Written by Dawn McMillan and illustrated by Ross Kinnaird, Seagull Sid and his fine-feathered mates are tired of seeing all the trash that people have been leaving behind at the shore. Follow them as this band of seagulls tries to reclaim their beach from the messy humans. Sid has a mischievous plan of attack that will have you both laughing with the rollicking rhymes and beautiful drawings. Check out the newest installment from the creators of both I Need a New Butt! and Doctor Grundy’s Undies.

Save the Ocean

Authored and illustrated by Bethany Stahl, Save the Ocean uncovers the importance of recycling with a sea turtle and a mermaid in this award-winning, best-selling tale. Follow the story of Kaleisha, who is a mermaid, and Agwe, who is a silly sea turtle, as they work together to learn that Agwe’s favorite food is not what it seems.

This engaging children’s book about plastic pollution features beautiful and charming illustrations – great for Earth Day celebrations. Your child will learn an important lesson about recycling and conservation (reduce, reuse, recycle!).

Stella: The Shark Who Loves Treasure

This popular Ocean Tales Children’s Books series brings you the story of Stella, a shark who has an affinity for treasures and trinkets. This heart-warming picture book is written by Sarah Cullen in lyrical rhyme, cherished by children, teachers, parents, and ocean lovers. Watch as Stella befriends an orca and an octopus to aid her in finding the “Rose of the Sea”. When they come across jewels in an old abandoned shipwreck, will Stella keep them for herself or will she decide to share with the others?

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