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The Importance of Pretend

September 12, 2014  |  Categories: Child Development, General Child Care

A lot of teachers and parents are aware that playing is a crucial part of early childhood learning. What you may not know is that playing can be broken into different types, and each type supports a different type of learning. Pretend play, which is also sometimes called dramatic play, has been singled out as…

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How To Deal With Biting In Day Care

March 5, 2014  |  Categories: Behavior, Child Development

The last thing a parent wants to hear when they pick up their child from childcare is that they have bit one of their friends. It is hard to imagine that your sweet little one has bit another child and left a mark. Often parents say that they can’t believe this because they don’t do…

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Redefining Playtime

January 23, 2014  |  Categories: Child Development, General Child Care

    A large and impacting part of a child’s cognitive growth is playtime, and that includes toys.  As a little girl, I had dolls, carriages, and other pink or frilly items always within my grasp.  Occasionally I’d have a set of building blocks.  Most of the time though, my selection was limited to toys…

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Why on Earth Do Preschoolers Bite?

January 16, 2014  |  Categories: Behavior, Child Development

If preschool was broadcast on TV, here’s a conversation we’d hear a lot from the announcers: “There he is, Marv, Tommy’s making his move.” “I see him, Jim, he’s heading over toward Bobby.” “He’s got his teeth bared, Marv – it looks like he’s going in for a bite.” “Bobby doesn’t seem to notice him;…

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Learning Through Preschool Games

January 9, 2014  |  Categories: Behavior, Child Development, Preschool Preparedness

There are lots of great preschool games that children play each day.  Many times they’ll play with other children at preschool, or just with one good friend.  Sometimes they might even play their favorite games just by themselves.  And there’s no reasons why you can’t play some of those games at home, either. Preschool games…

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There’s Nothing Better Than A Good Nap

December 17, 2013  |  Categories: Behavior, Child Development

Ah, I can still remember nap time fondly.  We’d be given our cookie and juice, then handed our blanket.  We’d be led off to the nice little cots laid out in rows, and then, goodies eaten, we’d drift off a quiet slumber. And no doubt my daycare teachers remember it fondly as well.  They’d get…

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How Children Develop: The First Year

November 21, 2013  |  Categories: Child Development

Having a new baby is a joy and a wonder. It can also be a headache and quite sleep-depriving. You’ll have many ups and downs during the first year of your child’s development, but knowing what to expect will smooth over any problems that might arise. The more time you can spend with you baby…

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Responsive Child Care & Why It’s Important

November 19, 2013  |  Categories: Child Development

What Is Responsive Caregiving? Responsive caregiving is not a complicated or abstract idea. It is as simple as it sounds. Responsive caregiving is a method highlighted by the Texas Early Learning Council in their early learning guidelines, where the caregiver pays close attention to what the child is signaling and then provides a response that…

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