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It’s no secret that kids of all ages love to be read to. It’s not only enjoyable, it helps with their educational development as well. Children who develop a love of reading at an early age have  greater general knowledge and expanded vocabulary, improved attention spans, and better concentration skills. There’s little doubt that early literacy opens up opportunities for academic success.

Many children like to read about topics that are important to them, teach them about where they live, and spur a love for their surroundings. Since Country Home Learning Center has facilities all throughout Texas, we thought it would be fun to outline some children’s books about the Lone Star State. You can get them at your local library or on Amazon.

Alamo Tree

This true story is written by the winner of the June Franklin Naylor Award for The Best Children’s Book on Texas History: Tanya S. Holmes. This beautifully illustrated book is about the monumental events surrounding the famous battle at The Shrine of Texas Liberty in 1836. The rhyming text makes the Alamo Tree a subject your child will want to hear about over and over.

Welcome to Texas

This tribute to Texas is jam packed with interesting information about the Lone Star State’s animals, plants, food, regions, people, customs, and lots of fun places to visit. Your child will love the warm, bright illustrations in Welcome to Texas highlighting the multitude of delights that can be found throughout the state, with easy-to-digest stats and facts about the place they call home.

I Love You as Big as Texas

This cute rhyming board book celebrates the places you and your baby love in Texas. Cuddle up with this snuggle-worthy board book for infants and toddlers, and enjoy the adorable illustrations and clever rhymes that highlight many special places in the state, from Dallas to San Antonio. Your child will love the cute baby animals, lyrical rhymes, and heartfelt sentiments in I Love You as Big as Texas, perfect for ages one to four.

Good Night Texas

In Good Night Texas, you and your child will explore the Lone Star State by hiking around Big Bend National Park, swimming in the waters of Galveston Island, learning about the history of the Alamo, and more. This is part of the Good Night Our World series designed for toddlers and preschoolers so they can build memory and listening skills while identifying famous landmarks.

T is For Texas

In T is For Texas: A Lone Star State ABC Primer board book, you and your child will enjoy an alphabetized field trip around the Lone Star State while discovering the plants, animals, places, and foods that make Texas great.

ABCs of Texas

In ABCs of Texas: An Alphabet Book of Love, Family, and Togetherness, your child will know without a doubt that home is really where the heart is. This heartwarming ABC adventure is perfect for babies and toddlers who want to explore Texas, from Dallas to El Paso, without leaving their cozy little beds. The sweet illustrations and touching rhymes set the stage for bedtime read a louds, inspiring toddlers and parents alike with a love for their home state and why it’s so unique.

Texas Activity Book

Take the Texas Activity Book on car rides or enjoy them at home on the table while you’re cooking dinner. There are hours of excitement packed inside this book as your kids learn about Texas through pictures, puzzles, word games, connect-the-dots, bingo, and more.

Welcome to Texas: A Little Engine That Could Road Trip

As part of the Little Engine That Could series that visits all 50 states, this iconic little engine is making her way through Texas. You’ll explore the Alamo, the Space Center, and more with your favorite blue train as she chugs through the Lone Star State.

Texas: What’s so Great About This State?

If you have older children, they will enjoy this book. Share some fun facts about the Lone Star State with your child in Texas: What’s so Great About This State?, a part of the Arcadia Kids series. This fun, easy-to-read, colorful book is designed for children ages 7 to 11, with attention-grabbing cover art, full-color images of landmarks and geography, and inviting conversational-style content.

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