Crafts are a wonderful creative outlet for kids of all ages. Not only can they practice fine motor skills like coloring, cutting, stringing beads, and more, but they also learn simple skills like finishing a task to completion and following directions, too! So the next time you have some free time with your little ones, try one of these craft ideas under $5. It’s special times like these your children will remember throughout their childhood!

Mason Jar Succulent

Make Mom’s, Dad’s, or your favorite teacher’s day with this sweet little potted plant. In addition to a small mason jar (you can find any size on Amazon), you’ll need:

  • Succulent plant
  • Ribbon
  • Washi tape
  • Sharpie or pen
  • Landscape pin or Popsicle stick

Just stroll the garden aisle at your favorite store for easy to maintain succulents. Your kids will have a great time choosing their favorite and re-potting them in mason jars with a cute tag. Check out the full tutorial here!

Pretty Storage Jars

Finally a use for all those pickle, salsa, and spaghetti sauce jars you’ve been recycling–or hoarding and waiting for a craft. With a little paint, glue, and fancy knobs, you can create a cute storage solution for Grandma’s bath–or your own!
Supplies (in addition to jar of your choice):

  • Americana multi-surface paint (or similar)
  • Curio knobs (try Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or a hardware or favorite thrift store)
  • Paint brushes
  • E-6000 glue

Directions over at Eighteen25.

Handprint Ornaments

You can never go wrong with a crafty gift that features your children’s precious hands. Easy salt dough ornaments aren’t just for Christmas. They’ll look chic and cute hanging anywhere, anytime, a precious reminder that the fingerprint days are fleeting and memories should be preserved.
Supplies (probably already in your cabinet):

  • 4 cups flour
  • 1 cup salt
  • Food coloring
  • Large mixing bowl
  • Water to moisten
  • Cookie sheet
  • Just a tad of oil
  • A small rolling pin or wooden dowel
  • A drinking straw
  • Ribbon
  • A plate for a guide
  • Paint if desired

Directions over at Nest of Posies!

Birds Nest Necklace

This charming piece is great for older kids or those with well-developed fine motor skills. Be careful with the wire because it is sharp on the end, but overall this is a safe, inexpensive craft your child can make and give. Choose any beads you wish and make it as unique as desired!

  • Jewelry wire (24 gage because it’s easiest to manipulate)
  • Pearls or glass beads
  • Necklace chain
  • Jump ring and a clasp

Most supplies can be found at your local craft or super store. Check out Sarah Ortega for a complete tutorial.

Money Origami

Spend as much–or as little–as you want but wow the recipient with your kids’ mad origami skills. Another craft perfect for older ones, hop over to How About Orange and learn this “essential” life skill. For Father’s Day, Dad will love getting some lunch money folded to match his tie, no doubt!
What are your kids’ favorite crafts?