Kids always seem to get hungry in the car, don’t they? Whether it’s boredom or the fact that they’ve finally slowed down enough to realize they’re actually hungry, kids get the munchies in the car; and parents almost always have snacks on hand. Whether you have a road trip coming up or you want to avoid splurging on extra snacks for your kid at the checkout line, we have some less common car snacks for you to try out!

Who said popcorn had to be a movie night snack? Pop an extra bag or two for your next family outing.

Chocolate chips
A few chocolate chips is the perfect sweet treat for a kid… the chocolate makes it seem special without loading your child up on sugar. 

Colorful carrots
Next time you’re out, see if your grocery store carries colored carrots. They’re just like carrots, but in purple and yellow! This is a great way to get your child eating more veggies.

Sunflower seeds
We recommend sunflower seeds without the shells for little ones. 

This might not be a snack you regularly treat your kids to, but marshmallows are another easy one to take on a long road trip. 

Dry cereal
We can’t think of a better car snack. The options are endless, you most likely already have some in your pantry, and eating cereal without milk feels like a novelty to kids. You could even take it to the next level and mix different types of cereal together, for a cereal trail mix.

Dried fruit
The perfect yummy, mess-free car snack. Then again, toddlers can make anything messy, right?

Waffles and pancakes
Why not? If you have extra pancakes or waffles from breakfast, take them with you in the car for when your child is “staaarving.”

Frozen grapes
This is the perfect summer snack in general! Healthy, refreshing, and perfect little hands!

If it’s in your fridge, chances are it can be a car snack! And you know your child better than anyone, so there’s no shame in stocking up on what you know everyone loves.