Candy Corn Cupcakes by Havalyn on Kids Activities BlogCupcakes, like pizza, are a food that 99.9% of the American population loves. The is evidenced by the spread of gourmet cupcake shops throughout every shopping center in every metropolitan area throughout the entire nation. After I looked around at some Halloween cupcake ideas last week, a couple of which I posted on the Country Home Learning Center Facebook page, I got to thinking that making some Halloween inspired cupcakes would be a great DIY project for you and your kids.
I was all set to seek out great cupcake a recipe and figure out a way to add some originality to it when I came across a Tweet from TexasHolly–a great parent blogger from Dallas, TX–linking to instructions on how to make Candy Corn Cupcakes. I am not one to reinvent the wheel. And, after reading the post by Havalyn on the Kids Activities Blog, I realized my work was done before it started. Not only does Havalyn take you through the process of making these really cool cupcakes, she even throws in some tips for how to make it more educational and fun for your child. The tips like “[w]hile we were mixing, we counted all of our ‘stirs’ and talked about how we were stirring in a circle,” are easy and help incorporate some basic math skills into the project.
If you’re looking for a Halloween themed baking project, I highly recommend you give this one a try. It’s something I’ve never seen before and something that kids will have a blast making…and eating! Click the link to head over to Havalyn’s post on the Kids Activities Blog and enjoy. And, if you click on her name in the paragraph above, you’ll find a treasure trove of other awesome Halloween projects for you and your kids.