Father’s Day is next Sunday, June 17th. Dads do so much for their families every day of the year, and we love getting to celebrate them on Father’s Day every year.  If you’re looking for some kid-friendly crafts for the dads or granddads in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these unique, DIY gift ideas that your kids will love making for their dad.

Tape-Resist Mug

Is Dad a coffee lover, mug collector, or both? Make his new favorite mug using a white mug, craft paint, and painters tape. Use the tape to block out the word Dad or whatever design you’d like. Then simply paint the rest of the mug, let it dry, and peel off the tape to reveal your masterpiece.

Instructions for DIY Tape-Resist Mug

Scribble Mug

For younger kids, this colorful scribble mug might be an easier gift to make for Dad. All you need is a mug, painters pens, and stickers. Place the stickers on the mug, have your child decorate it with the painters pens, peel the stickers off the mug, then bake it for 30 minutes.

Instructions for DIY Scribble Mug

Pour-Painted Paper Weights

This might be the easiest DIY gift you’ve ever seen, and it’s perfect for any dad with a work or home office. He can put these colorful paperweights to use in his office and be reminded of his awesome kids throughout the day!
What to do: Collect or buy smooth rocks, clean and dry them, and then drizzle a variety of acrylic paints over the rocks. The layers of paint will create vibrant, mesmerizing designs instantly.

Instructions for Pour-Painted Paper Weights

Wool-Wrapped Pen Holder

Another Father’s Day gift to decorate Dad’s desk, this unique pen holder is handy for Dad and fun for kids to make. A takeout coffee cup, Dad’s favorite-colored wool (or yarn), and tape are all you need for this crafty container.

Instructions for Wool-Wrapped Pen Holder

Happy Father’s Day to all you amazing dads out there!