Bath time is an exciting event for many kids. From splashing around to playing with bath toys, there’s so much fun to be had in the tub. Bubbles are a bath time favorite that provide hours of entertainment, but there’s another bath accessory that never gets old: bath bombs! Bath bombs provide entertainment for kids, but they can get expensive to keep buying. If you want your kids to enjoy bath bombs without breaking the budget, you can! Bath bombs are pretty simple to make at home, making it easy to customize them and use the best ingredients for your family.

Basic Bath Bomb Recipe
This bath bomb recipe calls for cornstarch, citric acid, Epsom salt, baking soda, mica powder (optional for coloring), coconut oil, water, and essential oils (optional for scent). Once you mix everything up, you’ll put the mix into bath bomb molds. Alternatively, you can use plastic Easter eggs as molds; there’s a good chance you already have these lying around the house. You can also use ice cube trays if you already have those at home! Those allow you to make bath bombs of all shapes and sizes. 

Once you nail down the basic recipe, you can get creative and experiment with different colors, scents, and add-ins. For example, try adding a small knick-knack to the middle of a bath bomb, as a fun surprise for your child to find when the bath bomb dissolves. You can even recruit your little ones to help you make the bath bombs; they’ll love getting to pick the colors and fragrances. 

We hope you have fun making these bath bombs with your kids and that your kids have a blast watching them fizz in the tub.