Looking for a last-minute Thanksgiving garland that the kids can help you make? Look no further! These festive garlands are simple, cute, and the perfect touch to your Thanksgiving meal.

Free, Printable Grateful Garland

This DIY garland involves a free printable that makes this craft insanely easy. Simply print out the templates, cut them, write what you’re grateful for, string them together, and you’re done. You could even place one sheet at each plate and make the garland before eating dinner!

a gratitude garland thanksgiving craft hanging on a shelf

Festive Feather Banner

This feather banner adds an elegant touch to your Thanksgiving dinner. Plus, all you need is feathers, gold spray paint, a glue gun, and string!


Cheery Be Thankful Banner

This colorful duo banner is a little more involved, but we think it’s worth the extra effort. The top banner is made of wooden beads and felt leaves, and the bottom banner is made out of felt cut-out letters.

DIY Thanksgiving garland

Easiest Thankful Banner

This simple Thanksgiving banner calls for construction paper, markers, scissors, and clothespins. and string. All you have to do is cut out leaf shapes, write what you’re thankful for, and use a clothespin to attach the leaf to the string. And who says we should only be thankful on Thanksgiving; why not leave it up for a few months!

Burlap Thanksgiving Banner

You’ll want to save this burlap banner and use it every year! This craft also links to free, printable cutouts you can use.

DIY Thanksgiving Banner, Pillows & Sign

A Thanksgiving garland is a great way to add a little more festivity to your home, as well as some extra reminders of all that you have to be thankful for. At Country Home, we’re thankful for all of our kiddos and their families!