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Child Care ClassroomsSpacious, bright, clean, individual classrooms are provided for each age group, with built-in play equipment and multiple learning centers. A two-story playhouse offers an imaginative area for dramatic play at floor level, with an enclosed, quiet reading center up the stairs in the loft. Large interior windows allow for easy visibility into the classrooms and give the rooms a more open feel. In addition, each classroom has an abundance of state-of-the-art educational equipment and carefully chosen, age-appropriate toys to meet the children’s developmental needs. The play area is divided into themed learning centers. The classrooms for our older students are even equipped with computers! An intercom system and closed circuit television monitoring system provide instant communication with the front desk and a safer, more secure environment for the children. Restrooms adjoining each classroom aid in the potty training of our younger students and help the children gain self-confidence and independence. Our unique classroom schedules allow the children to engage in a new activity every half hour. Throughout the day, the children travel to specialized areas in our facility as our theme-based curriculum is reinforced through different, exciting venues!

Resource Room & Library

Country Home LibraryThe Language Arts Center offers the children an extensive library from which they may select a book to read and share with their friends. For more creative opportunities, our future Broadway actors can construct stories by using a variety of flannel boards and dramatic play elements, or even create a production at the puppet theater! Unique educational toys, such as motor letters and storyboard tiles, reinforce the letters of the alphabet and further the imaginative learning processes through storytelling.

In the Discovery Center our children will find exceptional toys and equipment for the study of math, science and geography, utilizing elements of the Montessori approach to learning life skills. Concepts such as geometric designs, fractions, sorting and measurement are introduced via a multitude of specially-selected toys and equipment. Offering a variety of play equipment and then allowing the children the freedom to choose toys of interest helps ensure a child’s sense of independence. This choice-based and positive environment contributes to the building of a child’s self-confidence and ultimate educational success.

Computer Lab

Country Home Computer LabIn our large Computer Lab we offer instruction with a specialized Resource Teacher in the basic skills necessary for operating in a high-tech world. The lab, equipped with an extensive variety of software for each age level, encourages the development of hand/eye coordination and enhances math and language skills that are introduced in the classroom. From simple action-based programs to the more advanced educational and reasoning games, the Country Home Computer Lab offers plenty of challenges and fun.

Theater Arts Center

Children's TheatreOur beautiful, indoor Theater Arts Center has amphitheater seating with a wooden stage where the children present performances and plays. This center also includes lots of musical instruments for our children’s enjoyment.  Our music program gives students the opportunity to engage in singing, play a variety of musical instruments and develop a love for the sound of music. A projection-style, big screen TV is also available for the children’s favorite movies, as well as sing-a-long and dance videos. In addition, our three-year-old, four-year-old and 5-year-old/Excel students produce and act in seasonally themed plays. Our younger students, as well as parents and family members of the actors, are encouraged to come watch the show. The carpeted risers offer comfortable seating where children and adults alike can stretch out and enjoy the production!

Arts and Crafts Center

Child Care CraftsWhile art projects are regularly enjoyed in the classrooms, our extended learning art classes are held in the Arts and Crafts Center utilizing various art media. Projects are balanced between constructive activities (requires the following of directions) and creative activities (allowing for expression of the child’s own ideas and imagination). Art projects are an extension of the current curriculum themes introduced in the classroom. The Arts and Crafts Center is stocked with a variety of unique equipment and supplies for those very special projects.

1950s-Style Soda Shop

1950s-Style Soda ShopThe 1950′s-Style Soda Shop offers a 50’s-themed environment for class cooking projects, After School snacks, and special occasions such as birthday celebrations. The children may choose to sit in a booth or at the soda counter while they listen to 50’s music on our jukebox CD player. Our classes participate in the hands-on process of cooking projects that require the knowledge of weights and measurements, as well as the sequencing of the necessary steps involved in the recipes. This gives our students an opportunity to relate math and science to fun projects like baking cookies and making play-dough. Children also enjoy a small bonus of their fun cooking projects: they get to eat most of what they create!

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