Did you know that drowning is the leading cause of injury-related deaths among children ages 1-4, and statistics show that an unfenced pool is as dangerous as having a loaded gun in the house?
The good news is that water safety is pretty easy as long as your keeping an eye on your kids, and they know how to handle themselves in and around water.
To make it easy, here’s a quick list of our top water saftey tips:

  • Always supervise children in and around water. Never leave very young children in the care of other children.
  • When there is more than one adult, sometimes we assume the other adults are watching the kids. Always make sure that one adult is actively watching the water.
  • Make sure your kids know to always swim with an adult. Even a more experienced swimmer should swim with an adult in case of accidents or emergencies.
  • Get CPR certified. In case the worst case scenario comes to pass, it’s a great idea to know how to respond to an emergency properly.
  • Teach your kids about the risks and dangers of swimming. If they know how to avoid potential pool dangers, then they’re less likely to have any accidents.