Colors: Red, Pink & White
Shapes: Horseshoe & Oval
Value Theme: Love & Joy
ImageProxyServletThe highlight of February is Valentine’s Day. The children will celebrate with a party and card exchange, and we appreciate those parents willing to bring party snacks and/or favors. You will find a sign-up sheet posted in your child’s classroom. Please remember that although we do love homemade goodies, the state requires all snacks served in the classroom to be prepared in a commercial kitchen. Also, due to the high risk of an allergic reaction, we cannot allow any snacks containing peanuts or peanut oil.
We ask that the children bring enough valentines for each of their classmates. Please note your child’s name on each card, but leave the envelope blank. The envelopes do not need to be addressed, and the cards will be distributed among your child’s classmates.

Curriculum Corner

Heart Healthy Month
February is national “Heart Healthy Month.” While each day’s curriculum does teach proper nutrition, the month of February will involve a focus on healthy eating, food groups, active bodies and even special field trips for our older children! At Country Home, we also focus on the physical development of our young students, and our physical education curriculum helps reinforce the importance of stretching, exercise and staying active.

Special Events

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Special Schoolwide Events
Friday, February 14th: Valentines Day Party & Card Exchange
Friday, February 14th: Red, White & Pink Day!
Friday, February 21st (San Antonio Locations Only): Cowboy & Cowgirl Dress Up and Parade!!!


Thank you to those who consistently call us when your child will be absent. Whether out sick or on vacation, your child will be missed!!
For those children riding the Country Home bus from elementary school, it is especially important for us to know in advance whenever your student will not be attending Country Home. (A child’s unexpected absence causes confusion during the pickup process.)
Please note that our “no-call” fee will be applied for failure to notify us at least 30 minutes in advance of a child not requiring transportation after public school.
For the safety of our children and staff, please remember to check your child’s backpack for any potentially hazardous items, such as medications or sharp objects.