The school year is three-fourths finished (yay!) but chances are, your kiddos are tired of the same old PB&J every day. Or maybe you’re tired of making the same lunch every night or morning and would like a little variety in your shopping list–and fridge. We’ve got you ready to chomp through the last quarter of the year with these great and easy lunch ideas that double as after-school and before-soccer snacks as well!

Put Lunch on a Stick

Lunch box kabobs are customizable and simply more fun for little fingers. Thread a small skewer or toothpick with your choice of meat, cheese, and veggie for a quick bite that satisfies.
Or make sandwich kabobs complete with bread, meat, cheese, lettuce, and extras! This mom uses lollipop sticks so no fingers are poked from skewers.
Fruit kabobs are great, too. Grab the latest in-season berries and alternate with chunks of cheese.

Roll Lunch Up

You can put almost anything in a tortilla, and suddenly lunch is different! Roll up meat and cheese or try this recipe with spreadable cheese and cucumbers. Slice into spirals for littles or leave whole for the big kids.
But don’t discount the rolling capabilities of a good slice of white bread. These PB&J “sushi bites” are perfect for little fingers and fun enough to make lunch interesting again.

Make a Lunch “Bar”

Everything from nachos to pizza can be tucked into a lunch container for kid-friendly assembly. The great thing about these menus is the typical add-ons like cheese, plain yogurt or sour cream, olives, and veggies can be used to make a variety of other snack friendly lunches as well.

Swap the Bread

All you have to do is trade your sandwich bread for something your kids will think is a treat (but you’ll know is just as healthy). Make Waffle Sandwich Bites with whole wheat frozen waffles and Nutella. Or top a mini bagel with plain cream cheese and deli ham.
Love lunchable convenience but hate the overpricing? Make your own with crackers, meat, cheese, and grape tomatoes or olives.
Keep these high-energy low-sugar snack items on hand for quick toss-in-a-bag lunch and snack packing:

  • baby carrots
  • applesauce pouches or cups
  • fruit cups
  • deli meat
  • string cheese
  • sliced cheese
  • whole grain crackers
  • mini bagels
  • hummus or guacamole individual packs
  • raisins
  • corn chips
  • granola bars
  • fig newtons

What’s your favorite lunch? Even grownups do love a good PB&J.