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It seems that the more our children delve into technology, the less they read. Now, there is nothing wrong with technology, but there are a lot of great developmental and educational benefits that our children get from reading. It is in their best interest to make sure that they are spending some time reading and not spending all their free time on screens.
So how do we convince our kids to put down that tablet and pick up a book? Well maybe we don’t have to. Maybe it’s better if kids their own age do it for us! Luckily there is a great site where our kids can find book reviews of other kids’ favorite books.
The website is called DOGObooks, and it is a kid-friendly website where they can find tons of great books to read that have been reviewed by other children. DOGObooks is part of a series of DOGO Media sties. There is also DOGOmovies where your kids can find movie reviews by other kids, and DOGOnews where they will find news articles written specifically for them.
The nice thing about DOGObooks is that once your child finds a book they want to read, they can purchase it right on the site. Your child can also start leaving their own book reviews on the site. During the summer, DOGO has a reading challenge, and your child can win free books for themselves and for their school just for reading and writing reviews.
If you are looking for a way to get your child reading more, try DOGObooks. It’s a great site they can visit on their own without you having to worry about what else they may find there. Everything on the site has been reviewed and is safe for kids. Hopefully they’ll find some great books and their time browsing will turn into some more time spent in the pages of a book rather than the warm glow of a screen.