Did you know that some schools and childhood education specialists are finding that knitting is a great way to help kids diagnosed with ADHD focus better in school. Some teachers keep a knitting project on hand for when they see their students getting fidgety or agitated, and allow them to take a knitting break. It seems that the repetitive nature of the task not only helps calm kids down, but helps them focus as well.
Even children without ADHD can benefit from knitting. It’s a wonderful skill to know, and as we mentioned it promotes focus and attention to detail. It’s also a more productive way to spend time rather than plopped in front of a TV screen…although you could actually do both at the same time!
There are lots of resources out there for kids who may be interested in knitting just as a hobby or as a way to cope with the stresses of growing up.
Here’s a video to get you started, and for more beginner information check out Teaching Kids To Knit.