Your parents have probably told you decorating a nursery was simpler when they were expecting. Without Pinterest and social media to fuel ideas, they simply walked into a store and picked out a crib set, bumper included. Gone are the days where the nursery motif revolves around a room that really only suits your child for a short time. Embrace the now–and with it fabulous nursery ideas that won’t have you redecorating every six months.

Go old school traditional (yet trendy) with gender neutral designs.

Gender neutral nurseries are back on top as one of the most popular designs right now. The idea that a nursery should be cohesive to decor, rather than disruptive, plays into adjusting to life with a new baby. The change should flow naturally, rather than accost.
Gender neutral nurseries focus on function, texture, and creativity. Let one piece of furniture–likely the crib–be your splurge and focus. Then build the room around that color choice. These nurseries lend themselves to galleries of child-friendly art and backdrops that aren’t overwhelming. Think wallpaper or a simple mural on one wall only.
But don’t feel limited by color choices. Green and yellow aren’t the only neutrals in the box.

Go high contrast with the simplicity of black and white.

Perfect for the gender neutral nursery, black and white nurseries are far from boring. Babies love the strong contrast, especially since they can’t really see colors yet. Use black and white as your base, and then add a pop of color with printable art or simple toys and books.
Consider white walls with a strong pattern, such as a geometric design or even a mountain motif, popularized  by the outdoor adventure trend in nurseries. Even a chalkboard wall fits and is a great place to change up the starkness. Just remember, with this style, less is more.

Go Scandinavian, Boho, or Southwest inspired with the best 2017 trends.

Thanks to the plethora of online design sites and personal news feeds, there’s no shortage of great ideas for your nursery. 2017 is a year of big statements with patterns, textures, and wall hangings. Floral and foliage are still popular, but the fauna making the biggest appearance is the humble cactus. This trend is inspired by Bohemian chic and the green against the neutrality of white walls is simple, yet whimsical.
Outdoor adventures–from mountains to hot air balloons–put a stamp of fun and free-spirit on a room. Textures are strong, from weavings to feathers to multi-layered quilts. Graphic and geometric designs (hello, chevron) are excellent accents and keep the room from feeling too childish. Pops of strong color, in small doses on one furniture piece or wall, keep things fresh. Overall, the 2017 nursery is simple and sophisticated. The perfect room for your little one to grow and develop their own tastes and preferences.

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