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Country Home Learning Center offers a highly successful Excel program that incorporates a truly accelerated environment, degreed or CDA certified teachers and exceptionally small classes. The Country Home Excel Program is accredited by AdvancED and aligned with state standards for public school kindergarten. With only 14 students per class, our Country Home Excel Program is almost one-half the size of most public school Kindergarten classes! In addition to our extra-curricular activities listed below, our Excel students enjoy various educational and fun field trips. They are also introduced to reading and 1st grade math during the second semester.

At Country Home we offer a distinctly innovative environment for our children. We do not limit our program to one teaching venue or method, but rather provide a virtual banquet of educational choices. Our wonderful facility affords us the opportunity to leave our classroom each day and explore various themed rooms (specialized areas). Each area encompasses unique opportunities and equipment for challenging “hands-on” learning and fun exploration into the world of science, math, computers, language development, dramatic and creative arts. Our Excel students spend fun-filled educational days on the move participating in activities that stimulate their creativity and spur their imagination!

Since our students have lots of planned activities, we know communication with our parents is important. Age-specific Monthly Highlights showcase selected weekly curriculum activities. School-wide monthly newsletters notify parents of special events and other important information. Country Home Report Cards (four times per year) and regularly-scheduled parent/teacher conferences focusing on our Excel Program’s Developmental Checklist help recognize and celebrate each child’s accomplishments. Our annual holiday Open House brings school and families together for a very special evening!

Program Highlights
Program Values
Learning Centers
Enrichment Areas
  • Program Highlights

    Our 5 Year Old/Excel program includes the following areas:


    • Language Arts
    • Reading and Phonics
    • Mathematics
    • Computers
    • Science and Geography
    • Writing
    • Social Studies
    • Spanish
    • Creative Arts
    • Dramatic Activities
    • Music and Creative Movement
    • Physical Fitness and Gym
    • Practical Life Skills
    • Positive Self-Concept and Social Development Activities
  • Program Values

    In addition, every month we focus on one of the following special Value Themes to assist in the character development of our young students:

    • Confidence
    • Kindness
    • Friendship
    • Love and Joy
    • Self Control
    • Compassion
    • Understanding
    • Fairness
    • Politeness
    • Responsibility
    • Thankfulness
    • Caring and Sharing
  • Learning Centers

    Our 5 Year Old/Excel classroom is designed with the following specialized learning centers that provide unlimited educational opportunities through self-directed exploration and learning:

    • Literature Center
    • Writing and Creative Arts
    • Math Concepts
    • Science and Discovery
    • Sensorial
    • Construction
    • Dramatic Play
    • Music and Movement
    • Puzzles and Games
  • Enrichment Areas

    Our 5 Year Old/Excel students also enjoy a variety of experiences throughout the center including our:

    country home destinations

    • Country Home Waterpark and Wet Deck: Our 18”(maximum) deep Waterpark includes a beach entry,  a giant frog slide, and multiple, water-spraying “creatures”!
    • Adventure Jungle Indoor Playground: Our jungle-theme playground provides colorful climbing
      tubes, tunnels, slides and an elevated tree house with drums
      all in a climate-controlled environment!
    • Large Indoor Gym and Basketball Court (most locations): With 24-foot soaring ceilings, our climate-controlled, indoor basketball court has hoops that adjust for even our youngest players!
    • Country Home Theater: Amphitheater seating around a wooden stage is the perfect
      place for our children’s performances and plays!  We also
      have a projection-style big-screen TV for those very special
    • 1950′s-Style Soda Shop: Complete with a jukebox CD player, the Soda Shop is used
      for class cooking projects and special celebrations!
    • Resource Room and Library: A specialized area that provides exceptional toys and educational equipment, plus an extensive library complete with a two-story reading loft!
    • Age-Specific Outdoor Playgrounds: A heavily wooded, environmental playground with tike tracks, spring riders, and a large playscape that includes multiple slides and play events!
    • Putt-Putt Golf Course: An exciting, colorful maze of golfing challenges specifically
      designed for our young students!
    • Soccer Field (some locations): A great addition to our sports arena, allowing our young students to improve their coordination and engage in friendly competition!
    • Computer Lab: Equipped with eight independent computer systems, our children enjoy age-appropriate and fun software in a classroom atmosphere!
    • Arts and Crafts Lab: Specialized materials and equipment allow our students to work with a variety of art mediums for their special projects and creative expression!

Enrichment Programs

To enhance our comprehensive Excel program, we also provide enrichment classes staffed with specialized Resource Teachers in the following areas:

Spanish: Country Home Learning Center incorporates a “whole-language” approach as our Spanish classes reflect what is currently being taught in our curriculum. Students are introduced to words and songs in Spanish in an effort to gain confidence and familiarity with a second language.

Music and Creative Movement: Our gym with its full wall of mirrors provides the perfect venue for our children to watch themselves perfect their “moves” in our creative movement classes. These classes are specifically geared toward the gross motor developmental goals for each age group. Social skills as well as team concepts are also necessary in the execution of this healthy physical activity.

Computers: Because computer technology has become integrated with all levels education, we feel it is an important part of our Country Home program. Our Computer Lab is equipped with eight independent computer systems and an extensive variety of software for each developmental level.

Adventure Quest: Available to our older students at our San Antonio locations, Adventure Quest in Boerne, Texas, offers pony rides, inflatable water slides, a petting zoo and an old-fashioned General Store where the children enjoy lunches, the purchase of treats with Country Home tokens, and special arts and crafts projects.

Optional Programs

We know your schedules are very busy so with your convenience in mind, we provide the following programs at an additional cost. Please call your school of choice for further details.

Martial Arts: On-site private lessons are available for our children’s physical development and enhanced discipline.

Innovative Dance Program: On-site private dance lessons are available to enhance our children’s appreciation for music.

Through all of our varied learning activities, we emphasize our most important objective: to provide our students with many opportunities to succeed every day. Frequent successes in young children promote self-confidence and a higher self-esteem, which are vital to the learning process as the child grows. Our goal is to help each child become an inquisitive, happy, successful and confident young student.

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