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We take great pride at Country Home Learning Center in offering both a safe and exciting educational environment in an incredible state-of-the-art facility! We know that our Toddlers, ages 12-24 months, have newfound mobility and an unlimited curiosity. Our Toddler classrooms are carefully designed to provide a secure environment that is rich with new challenges and filled with colorful, age-appropriate toys and equipment for hands-on fun!

Daily communication with our parents is very important for a smooth transition between school and home. Our teachers also make sure to communicate with you regarding your child’s experiences by providing a daily report for each child with all the details you need to know! It includes the basics such as your child’s eating, diapering and sleeping schedule, along with fun and informative details regarding his or her activities for the day.

Our staff utilizes the AdvancED accredited, theme-based Country Home curriculum developed exclusively for this age group and designed to meet your child’s educational needs. We also incorporate an abundance of classroom and facility resources to ensure the advancement of language development, as well as the physical, cognitive and social development of our students. At Country Home, we have low student-to-teacher ratios so we are able to provide each child with lots of individual attention!

Developmental Programs
Learning Centers
Play Areas
  • Developmental Programs

    Our comprehensive Toddler developmental program includes the following:

    • Verbal/Language Development
    • Numbers Play
    • Creative Art
    • Music Appreciation
    • Dramatic Play
    • Gross and Fine Motor Skills
    • Positive Self-Concept and Social Development Activities
    • In addition, each month we focus on a simple value theme such as sharing, love, kindness and friendship.
  • Learning Centers

    Our Toddler classrooms in San Antonio and Austin are designed with the following specialized learning centers that provide unlimited educational opportunities through self-directed exploration and fun!

    • Math Concepts
    • Discovery
    • Music and Movement
    • Library
    • Construction
    • Dramatic Play
    • Sensorial
    • Puzzles and Games

  • Play Areas

    Our wonderful Toddler teachers carefully guide our young students through the adventures of their day which include our:

    • Age-Specific Outdoor Playground: A heavily wooded, environmental playground with spring riders, swings and playscapes that include slides and multiple play panels.
    • Toddler Indoor Playground (most locations): A colorful jungle-theme playground with tunnels, slides, and a playhouse with an elevated loft all in a climate-controlled environment.

Through all of our many programs we seek to accomplish our most important objective: to provide a happy, productive, educational environment for your child.

Our youngest students will have many opportunities to grow intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. We will gently guide them toward becoming happy and inquisitive learners!

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