Sidewalk Chalk Games for Kids
Sidewalk chalk is a fun, inexpensive way to entertain kids all morning, all afternoon, even all day if necessary. Try out some of these clever games that teach as well as excite. Chances are, it will be a few hours before you hear about how they’re bored again.
Learning Games

  • Target Score (or bullseye, this game has many variations). Draw a target on the sidewalk and let kids toss beanbags, wet sponges, or even water balloons. Total up the scores and highest one wins!
  • Make a Jumping Maze. Read all about this active math game and how it can help kids learn addition—and strategy.
  • Alphabet games abound. For a basic version, write the alphabet on your driveway and challenge your preschooler to stomp, jump, clap, etc. on specific letters.
  • Make constellations. Print examples of the Big and Little Dippers, Orion, and other well-recognized constellations and encourage your child to draw it out, marking the stars with rocks or shells.
  • Order large spirographs and create beautiful spirals on the pavement, prompting kids to recognize basic geometric principals.

Moving Games

  • Tic-Tac-Toe with Frisbees is way more fun than traditional X and O.
  • Race Tracks. Draw different colored lines down the drive and have everyone race their matchbox cars.
  • Four Square is classic and simple. Mark off a box, divide into quarters, and see who’s left standing.
  • Hopscotch can be traditional, or used to learn letters, spell names, and memorize facts. Snail Hopscotch puts a fun spin on the traditional board.
  • Set up an obstacle course. Write the instructions on the pavement before each task, or use sidewalk chalk activities as the obstacles.

Art Games

  • Artist Switch. Have one person begin a picture and then one by one each child has to finish it.
  • Draw a map of your neighborhood, town, or state and walk around in it.
  • Work together to draw one large picture. Choose a theme such as “under the sea” or “where dinosaurs walked.”
  • Illustrate an image and have your child make themselves part of it. The superhero flying to the burning building or the girl singing in the rain.

Remember, sidewalk chalk isn’t just for those hot, dry days. After the rain, embrace the puddles—and the blending of colors to make the perfect rainbow.