There are many battles parents of a toddler have to fight…some on a daily basis. One of these could be getting your toddler to brush his teeth. So how can you get your toddler to brush her teeth without getting into a nightly fight?
First, try making it fun. You can let him pick out a toothbrush with his favorite cartoon character or buy an electric toothbrush that he will think is super cool. Some toothbrushes even flash or play music to entertain your child as they brush.
You can also let her pick out their own toothpaste. Let her pick their favorite flavor, or, again, one with her favorite cartoon character on it. She’ll have fun shopping and it will build up the anticipation to using it later.
Once it’s time to brush their teeth, make that fun too. You can pick a short song to sing or play for him to help pass the 1-2 minutes they should be spending brushing.
Also, try to make tooth brushing a family activity. Start when she are very young, even if she only has a few teeth and have her brush her teeth with you…or do it together as a whole family. This will get her used to it from an early age and will help her realize it’s something that we all do every day.
Do your best to make tooth brushing time a fun time for him and he will be more apt to continue to brush on his own and without a fuss when he gets older.