kids science experiment: rainbow jar

Have you ever planned a great outdoor family activity only to find that the weather has plans of it’s own? There are many fun and creative activities you and your family can do inside. Here are 10 things that families can do indoors together:

  1. Have an indoor campout. Kids love camping. Why not bring it indoors? Be sure to provide all necessary items for a campout. These include a fort, food, and maybe even a few scary stories.
  2. Have an indoor scavenger hunt. Create different items or treasures that each child can find for a prize. There are many free printable scavenger hunt lists online that you can use if you find yourself in a hurry to entertain.
  3. Be creative in the kitchen. Have your children use their imagination and create a new recipe or if you have young children have them help you whip up a batch of homemade treats. Children love helping in the kitchen especially when they are the cooks.
  4. Set up sensory tables using water, dirt, or sand. Fill each table with toys and let your children explore their senses. You can find different ideas for sensory tables by clicking here.
  5. If you have little scientists, it’s always fun to try out a new science experiment like the rainbow jar pictured above. You can click here for some examples.
  6. Have an indoor family movie day. Let the kids pick out the movies and set up your living room like a movie theater…and don’t forget the popcorn!
  7. Play board games. Let your children take turns playing their favorite game with the group…maybe even add prizes for each winner to ramp up the fun!
  8. Have a dance party and let your children have a dance contest.
  9. Get crafty! Pull out your child’s art supplies and any other odds and ends you have lying around and let them use their imaginations.
  10. Read a book and then act it out in a play with your family. Have fun, dress up and make fun backgrounds the kids will love it!

Kids love using their imaginations. Remember to think outside the box and have fun. And remember you can always ask your kids what they like to do with a rainy day; they might just have a few clever suggestions!