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“My foster child absolutely loved going here. They were very accommodating to visits and unique situations. He also learned a ton and his language improved dramatically. He ran into the building every day so it’s obvious it was a loving and fun experience for him!”
Shannon K., Austin, TX
“Country Home Learning Center is an amazing ‘Home’ away from home where we know our twin boys (enrolled in the Toddler program) are continually ‘Learning’ and are cared for, loved, and encouraged to grow, every single day. My husband and I toured and interviewed many daycare centers while I was pregnant and Country Home was the one place that we felt 100% confident in ALL the staff.

Ms. Shanon, Ms. Amy and Ms. Jamie patiently answered all of our ‘first-time-parent’ questions about safety, keeping the children on schedules (lunchtime, snacktimes, naptime, diaper changes, etc.) and letting us know what exactly the kiddos do during the day. Answer? Every day we are given a sheet of paper that outlines all the fun activities that the kiddos have participated in during the day (including dramatic play, time spent outdoors in the play yard, music time, art) and also includes what the boys ate for lunch and snacks, when diapers were changed and how long the boys slept at naptime. Thorough and efficient.

And of course, we can’t forget about the teachers. In the Toddler program, Ms. Brooke, Ms. Jolie, Ms. Briana, and Ms. Emily are amazing! It is so evident how much our boys are loved and cared for by each and every one of the teachers (and staff!). Our boys happily run to their classroom every morning. In one word? Country Home Learning Center is…Family.”

Anne A., Austin, TX
“My daughter has been attending Country Home for a couple of months, and we love it. The staff is friendly and communicative. The school is welcoming and my daughter loves her teachers. We enjoy reading about her day on the daily report we receive. I love how they take several health precautions to keep the kiddos safe. We highly recommend Country Home!”
Mellow S., San Antonio, TX

“We absolutely love this place! Our daughter Allison grew up here. She came here when she was just a few months old and stayed here all the way through Kindergarten (We love you Ms. Mary!) Once she started public school, she returned here three years in a row for your awesome summer camp. My daughter is almost 10 now. Our son is going to be 2 ½ soon. Both of our children are extremely smart and have a rich vocabulary and many friends and for that we can’t thank you enough! Country Home taught them how to get along with others and how to be a friend. They learned all their colors in English and Spanish. They learned the cutest little songs that we still sing today. They learned all their shapes and numbers and letters, even how to use computers. Both of my children love to read and they have received an awesome head start in life! Allison is in 4th grade with straight A’s and still loves school!

We can’t thank you enough!

Many of the teachers at this location have taught both of my children over the years. We have seen plays and performances and graduations and some very memorable field trips (the ballet and the planetarium just to name a few).

There are too many names to mention and I’m sure I would miss a few so please pass this on to all of your wonderful teachers. They have meant so much to us over the years. Thank you so much for teaching my children. Thank you for loving them and for caring for them when they were sick or hurt. Thank you for being open and honest with us and for working so hard every day. You have molded generations of people!

Country Home has been an investment in my children’s future and there is nothing in the world more important than that!

Thank you so much!”

J. Bravi, San Antonio, TX
“As you are well aware, parents have many childcare providers to choose from, but none compare to Country Home! I would like to take this time to thank you for providing exceptional educational opportunities to my son in a safe learning environment! When I am asked where Donavon attends school I proudly say, Country Home Learning Center.”
Stephanie M. Rodriguez, Austin, TX

“My husband and I were told that we would never be able to have children, so you can probably imagine how special (Travis) is to us. By the grace of God I found Country Home Learning Center when my son was 4-months-old and he has been going there ever since (he is now almost 12).

If you are considering sending your child to Country Home either full time, for after school care and/or summer camp, rest assured that you have made the best decision you could ever make for the well-being of your child and peace of mind for yourself.

Country Home is not a ‘Day Care,’ they are a Learning Center as their name states. They do not ‘babysit’ your child. They will teach them and engage them. They will stimulate and encourage your child to be the best they can be, emotionally and intellectually. My son also attended the Kindergarten program at Country Home and it was the best decision we could have ever made. My son’s birthday is a week before the cutoff for school so he was very young when he started and we were not quite sure he was even ready for Kindergarten. Let me tell you after attending Country Home and their Kindergarten program he was more than ready for first grade.

The staff is the most caring and giving individuals I have ever come across. They will care for and treat your child as if they were their own. The love and care they show every child is truly unbelievable and the most remarkable thing your child and you will ever experience outside of your own family. In the time my son has been at Country Home the staff has become part of our family. I know it will be a truly sad day for myself and my son when he is too old to attend anymore. The peace of mind I have always had knowing that my son is being taken care of the way I would by the staff at Country Home is something I would wish every parent could experience. If you want the BEST for you and your child I highly encourage you to enroll them in the only place I will EVER recommend to my family and friends: Country Home.”

Patti Billings, Lakehills, TX

“We LOVE CHLC. Our daughter started there at 8 weeks old when I had to go back to work and the ladies in the infant room were awesome, especially Miss Amanda and Miss Crystal. I trusted them and felt like my daughter was always safe with them. They were excellent at communicating with us, respecting our wishes as parents, and our daughter really loved them. She was genuinely happy to see her teachers every morning.

They also did activities in the infant room! We have several finger paintings of different kinds and love them. It’s nice to know your child isn’t just being put in some kind of ‘baby holder’ all day long. The babies play and are played with.

We moved out of state not long ago and have had to enroll her in a different daycare and it has only made me miss CHLC. Daycare is half the price here as it was at CHLC but I’d gladly pay the rates for the care our daughter received. If we moved back I would enroll her there in a heartbeat.”

Amber H., San Antonio, TX
“Aaron comes home having learned new words, new letters, new expressions every day. For a child who used to cry non-stop at having been dropped off at our previous daycare center, it is amazing to hear that even on weekends he wants to go to daycare.”
S. Abrams, University of Texas Professor, Austin, TX

“Country Home Learning Center is the best facility. The teachers are very helpful and understanding of each child’s needs. The open-door policy they have exhibited in regards to any questions or concerns I have had is exceptional.

Everyone at the center is very friendly and always has a great attitude when I drop off or pick up my children. It makes it a very welcoming environment to enter into everyday. It also makes me feel comfortable knowing that my children are surrounded by people who genuinely care about the children.

The small class sizes allow my children to interact more with the teachers as well as the other students in a manner that provides a great learning environment. I am amazed with the things my children come home and teach me about what they have learned that day.

I would recommend to anyone who has children to enroll them in Country Home Learning Center. The staff is very compassionate and the environment in unlike any other. The children are exposed to many different aspects of learning, which in turn helps them to become independent individuals. Country Home Learning Center is a great start for every child to discover that learning can be fun.”

Victoria Munoz, Schertz, TX

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