Always have your kids wear a helmet!
Some of you may be raising your first child. Others may be moving on to number 2, 3, or more. Regardless of how much experience you have raising children, it’s still hard to keep up with all of the latest information on how to safely raise your kids. There’s always a new study or a new tip about how to do it better than before. Today we’ll share 3 common sense parenting tips that can help you be just a little bit safer.

Sleeping With Your Baby

Sleeping with your baby in the bed, it’s something a lot of parents do. My wife and I did it and we never had any problems, but what I did not know at the time is that infants who sleep in their parents’ bed are 40% more likely to suffocate than those who don’t. Those are good enough odds to make me think twice about doing that again. If you want your child to be close to you, consider getting a bassinet that you can pull right up next to your bed. This will keep your baby close and safe.

Buying Resale Items

Raising a kid can be expensive. It’s no wonder that parets are always looking for a good deal, and sometimes buying a used crib or some second-hand toys seems like a great budgeting idea. While I have no problem with trying to save money, parents should make sure their bargain buy isn’t putting their kids in danger. A quick look at can tell you whether the used item you’re considering has been recalled for any safety issues.

Taking Rides Without A Helmet

It may seem unnecessary to strap a helmet on a child riding a tricycle, especially if you’re pushing them and supervising the ride. Putting a helmet on every time keeps them much safer now and in the future. A fall from even a few feet can seriously injure a child, especially if they hit their head. So, protective helmets should always be worn. And, children who start off wearing helmets will be much more likely to wear a helmet as they grow up and start riding bikes, scooters, and skateboards on their own. So, start a safe habit now that they will take with them throughout their lives.
Do you have a common sense tip you’d like to share? We’d love you to leave a comment below.