Parents are busy people.That means we spend a lot of time in the car, and unfortunately for our kids, a lot of the time they need to come with us. Feeding your kids in the car can often lead to unhealthy choices and big crumbly messes. Keep these 5 healthy, mess free snacks on hand for a much better car snacking experience.
1. Dried Fruit
Be creative you can use cranberries, bananas, raisins, etc. Many Parents say that dried fruit is the child’s favorite car snack.
2. Granola Bars
These snacks are great because they are healthy, they are already packaged and ready to grab and go. Since granola bars come in crunchy and chewy versions, they’re great for most age groups.
3. Cereal
Many moms call cereal a classic car snack because it is easy pack, easy to clean up and children love it.
4. Sliced Fruits and Veggies
My son loves berries so I always used then as our quick, easy car snack. Just place fruit or veggies in a kid friendly container for your next trip.
5. Cheese
Cheese and hot cars may not seem like the most natural fit, but you can find lots of cheese that is already packaged for kids at your local grocer. Pack it in a cooler for a great, protein-rich snack on the go.
7. Pre-packaged Snacks
The sky is the limit on these snacks, my son loved it when I brought along pretzels, goldfish, and cheese crackers.
8. Mini Sandwiches or Wraps
If your going on a longer trip sandwiches and wraps are great snacks that you can pack in a cooler. I loved it when my own mom would pack all different kinds of sandwiches on our long trips because we got to choose our own.
Keeping these healthy snacks ready to go on trips is a great way to help reduce stopping at fast food restaurants. Remember to plan ahead and get snacks ready before the trip. These snacks are also a great snack for your child to take to his/her daycare or summer camp.