I loved getting an easter basket as a kid! Waking up to find a basket full of treats was always a wonderful feeling. That wonderful feeling was, however, often replaced by a stomach ache later in the day after wolfing down a big chocolate bunny and a couple Cadbury eggs. Giving your kids a special treat on Easter is a great way to make the day fun, but here are few healthy idea to help balance all the sweets we normally think of when we think of Easter treats.

Hard Boiled Eggs

There’s no need to go buy those plastic eggs and fill them with sugary candy. Boil a dozen eggs and have your kids help dye and/or decorate them for Easter. Then put the eggs in their basket for a delicious, protein-packed snack.
If you need some decorating egg-spiration, head over to Happiness is Homemade for their 100 ways to decorate Easter eggs.


My mom always stuck an apple or an orange at the bottom of my Christmas stocking. It filled up the toe area nicely, and as I got older I actually started eating them rather than sticking them back in the fruit bowl! If your kid likes fruit, throw a few of their favorites in the basket. Fruit, it’s nature’s easter candy!

Dried Strawberries

Click the pic to get baking directions on Pinterest

If you don’t think your kids will go for the fresh fruit in their basket, then what about some sweet delicious dried strawberries. Bake these little suckers up and see just how sweet and delicious a  baked strawberry can be!

Organic & Natural Candy

If you are going to throw some candy in there, why not make it as healthy as possible? Organic and all-natural candies are a great way to let your kids have a fun treat without worrying about all the artificial junk that’s in most candies. If you can’t find natural candy at a store near you try an online store like http://www.naturalcandystore.com/.


Not all treats have to be edible! Find some fun little toys to throw in their basket and make their day. Maybe buy some “Easter colored” playdough so the can make playdough eggs or easter bunnies.
If you want some ideas, click here for Easter playdough ideas for toddlers.