Dream boards, or vision boards, are a great family activity that can help you learn a lot about what your kids love and what they want to do when they grow up. It’s an easy activity that just requires some cutting and pasting, but one that can lead to some great bonding time. Below are 5 tips to make sure your boards are a success.
1. Get a bunch of kid-friendly magazines. Think about what kinds of magazines you will need for a dream board and pick ones that are kid-friendly. Try to find ones that are in line with your kids interests. For instance, if your child is into science or animals, then pick up Science World or national Geographic. Travel magazines are always good for picking out dream travel spots too.
2. Talk to your kids about their goals and dreams ahead of time. In order to make sure you have the right pictures and so that you can spend time really talking about their dreams and plans during the activity, find out about their dreams ahead of time. This gives you time to prepare. You will be able do a little research, if need be, and be able to explain what they’ll need to do to accomplish their dreams. You’ll also be able to make some suggestions about what to put on their board. For instance, if your child wants to be a doctor, then you can also talk to them about the importance of studying hard and getting into a good college. 

3. Prepare your children. Making sure you are prepared to lead the activity is great, but also make sure your kids are prepared to be active participants. Tell them what the activity is going to entail and let them know about any time limits you may have. If they are prepared and focused, then they will get the most out of the activity and you’ll both have a great time.
4. Put the phone down! Dream boards are about sharing, but not about the kind of sharing we do with our smartphones. Put the phone away and share some quality time with your child really learning about what they like and what they want to do with their lives. There will be plenty of time to update your status later.
5. Know where the board will be hanging. Before you start making your boards, pick a place to hang them. Somewhere your child will see it daily is a great idea. Make sure to measure the space and pick a board size that will be easy to hang. You don;t want to spend all that time making a beautiful board only to find there’s no space for it on the wall.
If you need some dream board inspiration, check this out!