Photo Credit: Selbe  via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Selbe <3 via Compfight cc

Here are 5 tips you can try to teach your child how to share.

1. Don’t Be Possessive 

If your children see you sharing, then they will be more apt to share as well. Try not to use phrases like “Don’t play with daddy’s phone.” Rather, suggest an alternative toy and say something like, “that could break, let’s play with this instead.”

2. Try A Little Give and Take

Find a time when people are already sharing. Maybe do a family art project and make it a point to give her some markers or crayons and point out how nice it is to share. Later, ask for the supplies back and remind your child about how nice sharing is and how good it felt when someone shared with her.

3. Share Chores

A lot of parents focus on having their child share things. That is great, but duties like family chores can be shared too. Start by putting a few stuffed animals or toys on your child’s bed before bedtime. Ask him to grab one or two and help you put them away. This introduces the to the idea that things can be done better or faster when duties are shared.

4. Waiting Isn’t Easy

It’s general knowledge that no one likes to wait, especially young kids. You can help them be a little more patient by asking them to help you with things like passing out food at dinner. You can hand them a dish and ask them to pass it to mommy because she is hungry. It may be hard for kids at first, but if you encourage them to share first and then get some this will help them learn a bit of patience and that they will get some even if they have to wait a minute.

5. You Don’t Have to Share All the Time

No one likes to share everything all of the time. So a great time to teach your kids it’s OK to not share may be when family and friends are coming over. Let them designate toys they want to put away and other ones they are willing to share. This allows them to have a bit of control over what is shared and what is not.