happy breakfast bowl cereal with smiling berry face“Hurry up! We have to get out of here…we are going to be late. I don’t know where your favorite purple shirt is? Did you eat breakfast? You still have homework? We are leaving NOW, let’s GO!”
If you’re like me, your mornings probably sound like this more often than not. Have no fear, it is never too late to change these hectic mornings into a  stress free time. There is a trick to changing the beginning of your day around. The key is to have an efficient routine. By having a standard process for your family’s morning and bedtime schedule, it is easier to get your child up and going in the morning. Without consistency you will most likely face a difficult uphill battle. To make your morning transition back to school more effective, follow some of these easy tips.

  • Don’t get frustrated, yell, or raise your voice. It only escalates matters.
  • The old saying: Early to bed, early to rise.
  • To speed the process up in the morning, have your child take a bath a night. Most people think they will have enough time in the morning, yet they rarely do.
  • Make sure to check your child’s homework before they go to bed. Do not assume it is complete. This can cause for chaos in the morning.
  • Make your child’s lunch the night before. This takes one less task off of your morning duties, and if their lunch box is packed beforehand there are no surprises the next day.
  • Try not to rattle off instructions, instead give your child one thing to do at a time. If you say “Get dressed, finish your homework, make your bed, and eat your breakfast!” then your child is likely to forget one of their demands, however, if you say one thing at a time then they are likely to complete each task in an effective manner.

Every parent is a role model to their child (whether you realize it or not), and by setting the tone for your family’s evening and morning routine, you are likely to have a calm and less chaotic start to every day.