1376591_81684457View a unique part of Texas history by visiting the Texas Capitol in Austin, TX. An easy day trip for all of our San Antonio families and right around the corner from our Austin families, exploring the capitol is a fun, educational, and free way for the whole family to spend their afternoon on a self-guided tour. Going to the Texas Capitol is an amazing way for children to learn about their state’s important history. The building is full of information about important historical moments, important people, and historical facts.
The building itself took over 6 years to build, and was completed in 1888. When it was completed, the four-story construction cost just over $3 million. “Sunset Red” granite was used to build the exterior walls, so the building has a light pink color when looking at it from the outside. Since its original construction, the building went through major preservation and restoration in 1990 to add larger offices, more security, an underground extension, and other new additions. Today some of the highest Texas officers have their offices in the building. The Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the Speaker of the House, Senators, and Representatives are just some of the Texas leaders that office at our states Capitol.
Outside the Capitol you can view some amazing characteristics that include Great Walk. Built a year after the initial building was complete is 1889, the Great Walk is a 25 feet wide and 500 feet long walk way that connects the Capitol to Congress Avenue. Other unique features outside of the building include “The Heroes of the Alamo” monument, which was constructed to remember the strength and leadership of the fallen soldiers who chose to protect the Alamo. Another interesting element is “The Goddess of Liberty.” “The Goddess of Liberty” is a 15 foot tall statue that sits on top of the Capitol building. This piece of the Capitol has been a historic feature since the building was built.
After walking around and viewing all what the outside of the building has to offer, it is recommended that you go inside and view all of the aesthetics inside the Capitol! Your family can have a firsthand view into the world of our Texas politicians. You can visit and be amazed by the exceptional quality of the South Foyer, the beautiful facets of the Rotunda and Dome, the professional and stunning wood details in the Senate and House Chambers, and so much more.
In Austin you can enjoy a variety of places that are great for the entire family. However, visiting the Capitol is an educational and inimitable piece of Texas history that you should not miss out on. So go and enjoy a fun day in down town Austin, Texas when you visit our Texas Capitol.