CH3 Carmen

Left to Right: Ms. Carmen and Poss Rd. Director Ms. Sophie Esquivel.

This month’s Featured Teacher, Ms. Carmen Garner, comes from our location on Poss Road in San Antonio, TX.
Selecting this month’s Featured Teacher was simpler than usual, and it is entirely because Ms. Carmen is one of our most dedicated, long term Country Home teachers. She has been with Country Home Learning Center since 1991.
The Director at Country Home on Poss Road, Sophie Esquivel, took no time in selecting Ms. Carmen since she is the most senior teacher at this school. Ms. Carmen’s veteran status is not, however, the only reason why she stands out! She has been teaching in the infant classroom for all 22 years she has been with Country Home. It all began when she was looking for a place to enroll her 18-month old daughter back in 1991, and from the moment she walked into the school, her bond with Country Home was instantaneous. She explained that when she drove up to the building she thought it was “so cute, and looked like a home.” She applied that very day, and by the end of the following day she had already begun teaching at Country Home.
Ms. Carmen had previous experience with children because she is a mother of two, a boy and a girl, but after being with the infants for 22 years, her experience has grown immensely. Her vast knowledge has captured the hearts of many families, and several Country Home directors and executives have requested to have their child in her class.
Ms. Sophie explains that Ms. Carmen “treats all infants like individual. She is genuine and authentic.”
This is obvious when you hear Ms. Carmen speak about the babies in her class. She truly loves every
child she has ever had as if they were her own, and she works with each child as they progress
from being a brand new 6-week old to an increasingly curious 12-month old. Her favorite part of
working with the babies is their “innocence and how loveable they are.” When she is holding them and
they are looking up at her, she feels they are thinking, “I love you and thank you!” Carmen’s passion for
her work is undeniable.
She not only impresses her Director, Sophie, but she also amazes her co-workers and parents. Many
times, parents enroll their infant into Country Home because they are amazed with her experience, and
existing parents tell her all the time that she knows their child better than they do. Carmen’s intuition
about each child in her class is what keeps everyone impressed. Many teachers at the Poss Road
location ask her for advice and look to her for guidance when it comes to their own classrooms.
Ms. Carmen has gone from watching her own daughter grow up at Country Home, to now watching her
grandson learning within the very same walls. There is no doubt that Country Home has been a special place for Ms.Carmen, but having her watch over the children at Country Home has been even more of a blessing to our company. Ms. Carmen explained to us that the babies at Country Home are what keep her “happy, alive, and young.”
Country Home is lucky to have her as one of our fabulous teachers. Her dedication
and love for the children is what we look for in all of our teachers, and we are happy to share the
amazing accomplishments and efforts of such an amazing teacher, Ms. Carmen!