Just a few months ago, we were looking forward to the freedom of summer. Now, we are looking forward to all the new experiences a fresh school year will bring. Along with these new experiences comes a lot of scheduling and homework and practices and events and…well you get the idea. It can get a little crazy, so we have some tips for staying organized and sane!

Become A Morning Person (Kind Of)

Morning is a busy and chaotic time for parents and kids during the school year. If you’re not a natural morning person (do they really exist?), then you may want to start hitting the hay a bit earlier so you are well rested in the morning.
If mornings just aren’t for you regardless of bedtime, do yourself a favor and prepare the night before. Get clothes laid out; prepare lunches; get homework packed in the backpack; get it all done the night before.  You can even cook breakfast the night before!
That way when the sun comes up, you can get your kids out the door without any hassle and enjoy the rest of your morning.

Become “Station”-ary

It’s amazing how when homework time rolls around, your kids suddenly become very distracted right?
One way to make homework time easier for everyone is to set up a designated homework area or a homework station. Make this station an area that is far away from distractions like TV, video games, other kids, or people talking loudly.
You can also suit this station to your kid’s needs. Is he fidgety and does well at a standing desk where he can move around? Accommodate those needs. Is she comfy on the couch reading? Have a laptop desk that she can use right in her favorite spot. If you suit the station to your child’s personality, they will be more apt to use it and use it well.
Also, have the station, or an area near the station, well stocked with any supplies your child will need for their work. That way they don’t have to wander off to look for things and get distracted.

Chart Your Course

With so much going on in the typical family household, it’s easy to forget show and tell day, or to dress them in pajamas for pajama party day.  It’s even easier not to forget though!
Just put up a whiteboard near your door, in your kitchen, or wherever you will see it in the morning.
Every morning and evening, check your chart to make sure that you have everything ready for the day(s) ahead. A simple chart, updated weekly, will make sure you are on top of projects and events throughout the year.
Have your own back to school tip? Let us know in the comments below.