It’s wildflower season, and that means it’s time to take your annual pictures in the bluebonnets. 😉
If you’re in Austin or San Antonio and looking for the best places to catch the wildflower action, here are a few suggestions:


St. Edwards University
St. Edwards University is on South Congress street just south of downtown. It’s an easy place to get to if you’re in the city or just south.
Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center
This one is kind of a given, but if you want to see some bluebonnets and a bunches of other wildflowers, then this is the place to be.
Mopac and Highway 360
Every year, the wildflowers bloom along the medians of Mopac Expressway and Highway 360. Mopac is not a great place to get out for a picture, but with it’s traffic lights and wider shoulders 360 can provide some good place to pull over for a quick shot or two.

San Antonio

McAllister Park
It seems this is the place to go in San Antonio. Search out any local site and everyone say McAllister Park is THE place to take bluebonnet pics in the city.
Highway 281
If you’re up for a drive, then all you have to do is head north out of the city on 281. Soon enough you’ll be closing in on the Hill Country and the medians and fields off the road will provide some great bluebonnets.