dancing broom gameNeed a fun and easy way to entertain your children when they aren’t at Country Home Learning Center. Try out this easy way to get your kids having fun and moving around. All you need is a broom! The goal is to create different dance moves to puzzle your opponent. Just make sure not to mess up your moves!
Things you will need to play the Dancing Broom Game: A Broom
Following the Rules: To begin, the first participant must take the broom and pretend to fly. At the same time, he or she must clear their throat as loud as they can before singing the Dancing Broom song. The song goes like “I am doing the broom dance, the broom dance, the broom dance, I am doing the broom dance, can you, or you, or you?” While singing (at the top of your lungs) the broom dancer will also be displaying their creative dance moves, and at the end the broom dancer’s jig, they must point at different people. When the last “you” is said, whoever is being pointed at is the person who has been chosen! If you are the selected participant, then you must accurately repeat the exact dance moves that the broom dancer just demonstrated. So make sure you are always paying attention! After the dance has been copy catted, the original broom dancer must let the repeater know if they accurately portrayed their dance. If they did not then the person who repeated the broom dancer must fly out of the game. Repeat the game, until there is one person left. THE WINNER!