Now that everyone is starting to get in the routine of being back at school, it is a great time to give your child’s new teacher some unique gifts to make them feel energized and appreciated. Below are some fun, unique and inexpensive ideas that are sure to knock their socks off!
Teacher Supply Cake – Once everyone gets settled into their class routines, teachers begin to ask for help when it comes to getting those extra supplies for the class room. To make a lasting impression this year, send the supplies back designed as a colorful cake instead of in a plain plastic baggy.

Teacher Survival Kit – This Teacher Survival Kit is something that is super easy and cute for your child to take into their teacher after their first week. Just go to your local craft store and grab a mini floss organizer and fill it with anything from hand-sanitizer, to instant coffee packets, to office supplies.  Once it is filled, make your own personalized label specifically for your child’s teacher. They will be so impressed with your generosity, they will never know how easy and inexpensive it was for you to put together.

Calculating Out Your Teacher’s Year – Go to any local store and purchase an inexpensive calculator and wrap it is clear wrapping paper. Then print out a fun small label that reads “According to my calculations, this is going to be a great year.” Your teacher will be excited about your child and your family’s positive outlook on the upcoming year.

Make Your Child’s Teacher the “Hi-Lite” of Their Day –Instead of using a calculator, purchase highlighters and assemble them with the clear plastic wrapping paper, and attach the cute note “You’re the “Hi-Lite” of my day!” Your new teacher will be so appreciative of the clever and thoughtful saying.

Teacher’s Treat Jar – Create an adorable treat jar for your teacher!  All you have to do is print out (or draw your own) lid labels that say, “Teacher Treats-To Share, or Not to Share” and attach it to the top of the jar.  Fill the jar with your teacher’s favorite sweets and then jazz up the rest of the jar with any ribbon or other accessories you have.