I know many of you share this opinion: Halloween is the best holiday of the year. It’s a ton of fun, you get to dress up, and compared to Thanksgiving and Christmas, which require huge feasts and hundreds of dollars of gifts, Halloween just requires a little bit of candy and a little bit of creativity. It’s true that costume rentals or store bought costumes can get pricy, but if you combine some originality and some initiative, then you can create some great costumes without dropping a lot of cash. Here are a few favorites brought to you from the Country Home Learning Center team. (If you are just now visiting this page, you may be able to get some severely discounted costumes for next year!)
What better way to kick off our blog series DIY Dad than to share some awesome DIY Halloween costume ideas for the whole family. I promise that all of these ideas are easy to put together and, while I’m not making any promises, may even win you a few Best Costume trophies. So make some room on the mantle! Here are my suggestions for the Top 5 Easiest DIY Halloween Costumes for the whole family.
Skeleton Mama
The first idea is for our moms-to-be. The pregnant skeleton is a really cute idea that requires very little work. All you need to do is buy yourself a comfortable black sweatsuit–you may even be able to find one with the skeleton bones already on it. If not, then using some fabric paints or iron-ons, you can add the bones and the skeleton baby. A few simple steps to a super original costume.
pregnant skeletoncostume for pregnant mom
Balloon Boy or Girl
It really can’t get any simpler than this. Buy a basket. Cut out the bottom. Add balloon and bags. Give you kid a hat and goggles. Done. Just be sure the kid is heavy enough not to float away, and check the weather for any high wind advisories.
hot air balloon costume
Going Up!
Before we move away from the balloon theme, why not do a Dad/kid combo costume? The characters from Up are a great way for you and your kiddo to enjoy Halloween together. Once again, combine some simple clothes and some balloons and you’re all set. You can even take time to personalize the scout badges on your kid’s sash to match their interests and get them more excited about their costume.
Costumes for dad and kind based on the movie Up.
You Can Do It
Recreating the iconic Rosie the Riveter is easy. A blue button up, a polka dot handkerchief, and some makeup are all that’s needed to turn Mom into a symbol of independence, strength, and the tireless spirit of the American woman.
rosie the riveter costume
This Is Just Tutu Easy
One thing I’ve learned from my four-year-old niece is that little girls love tutus. That’s great because in just a few steps you can turn a tutu into just about anything: a cat, an Indian princess, a fairy tale character, an angel…even Audrey Hepburn. Just get the right colored tutu, add the necessary accessories, and you are ready to roll!
tutu costume ideas
Note: Unlike the other photos, this compilation was made from pics found at Facil y Sensillo, and it’s not directly linked to the source URL. If you want more info on these costumes, click through to the Facil y Sensillo page for the source links. Most of them were found on Pinterest, but the blog author also has links to the original sources for many of them.