The Magic Tube

The Magic Tube is a simple trick that is great for kids because it is one part art project and one part magic. First of all, here is what you’ll need:

  • Two sheets of construction paper
  • Clear adhesive tape
  • Small objects for the trick like ribbons or handkerchiefs
  • Scissors
  • Markers, stickers, and other decorations for outside of tube (if desired)

Step 1

Roll one of the sheets of construction a paper into a straight cylinder and tape the edges together. Roll the second sheet of paper into a cone so that one end is slightly narrower than the other, and tape the edges together.

Step 2

Slide the cone into the cylinder as far as it will go, and then cut off any part of the cone that is sticking out of the cylinder. From the outside it will look as though you just have a single paper cylinder. You can now decorate the tube if you want to.

Step 3

When you look into your cylinder, you will see that there is space around the “open” end of the cone. Fill this space with the ribbons, handkerchiefs, or other goodies you will pull out during your trick. When showing the tube to the audience, show them only the “closed” end and it will appear as if you are holding an empty tube.

Step 4

After showing them the “empty” tube, pull the ribbons, etc. out of the tube to everyone’s amazement!
If you are helping your child to do the trick, then you can always act as their assistant to help show the tube to the audience and make sure they continue to hold the tube at an angle that doesn’t give away the secret compartment.
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