DIY Halloween Decorations Ghosts
Halloween is almost here! I love Halloween probably just as much as the kids do, and, with all the decorations going up around my neighborhood, it’s pretty apparent I am not the only one. I don’t know if more people are getting in the Halloween spirit now than before, or maybe decorations are just easier to come by, but it seems like there are more houses decorated these days then when I was a kid.
I love seeing my neighborhood get all creeped out for Halloween, but unlike Christmas decorations Halloween decorations around our house are fairly scarce. If you’re running low on Halloween decor but you’d really like to be one of the families helping to spread Halloween spirit, then you have two options. First, head to the store and drop a bunch of money on store bought decorations. Second, head out and buy a few simple items you can turn into really awesome decorations. I’m going with option number two!
If you are looking for a new Halloween decoration idea or you’ve decided this is the first year you’re going to get into Halloween decorating, I have a wonderfully easy and clever idea for you: paper bell ghosts.
Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to your local party supply store and buy your desired number of white paper bells. They’re probably in the wedding section.
  2. Buy some black construction paper.
  3. Buy a roll of white tulle, or alternatively you can use cheese cloth.
  4. Using the black construction paper, cut out the ghosts’ eyes and mouths.
  5. Glue them to the white paper bells.
  6. Cover the bells in tulle.
  7. Done!

If you want to windproof your ghosts, first glue the tulle to the top of the bell. That way it won’t blow off. Second, you can get some dowels, sign posts, etc. that you can slide into the bottom of the bells. You can glue these in place too if you wish. Then stick your dowel or post into the ground so your ghost won’t blow away.
If you have any other great DIY ideas for halloween decorations, leave a comment below. Also, you can check out Pinterest or just do a search to find some great websites with a bunch of additional decorating ideas.