As always, I like to look for goodies to give to kids on holidays that is something other than candy. If you search around the web, there are a ton of cool Valentine’s Day ideas that you can make using store bought items.
I like the crayon idea because not only are we avoiding candy, but we’re also recycling a bunch of old broken crayons that if you have kids, then you probably have lying around your house somewhere.
For this project, you will need one thing you may not have — a heart shaped silicone baking tray like this one.

You can usually find things like this at your local stores around Valentine’s Day or you can always get it on a site like Amazon.
Once you have the tray, you are basically just going to break up some old crayons you have around the house and put them all into a big bowl, or on a large baking sheet. Then fill up your hearts with a mix of colors and bake at 225-250 degrees for 10-15 minutes.
I found this great picture on Pinterest that explains the whole thing visually:

It doesn’t get much simpler than that!
Have fun and have a great Valentine’s day!