Have you ever made your own cheese? It’s so easy! And it’s a great way to show kids that they can make their own fresh versions of their favorite foods from the grocery store. I had read the directions and it sounded easy, but then I saw this clip. After seeing this, you won’t even need written instructions. It is so simple!
And, here’s a cheesemaker tip that a friend gave me: You don’t need to buy cheesecloth to make cheese. Rather than take an extra trip to a cooking store, just use an old pillow case. Just boil the case and allow it to dry before you use it. Then you can just use that instead of the cheesecloth to drain the moisture from your cheese overnight.


Here are some pics from when my son and I made our first cheese:

Step 1: Here is my son stirring the pot as we heat the milk to 175 degrees. Step 2: After adding 1/2 cup vinegar the curd and whey separate.
Step 3: Scooping out the curd. Our 1st Cheese! This is what we found in the morning. Our very own block of Farmer’s Cheese, or Queso Blanco as we call it in San Antonio.