Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

When looking for kids projects for my son and I to do together, there are usually two things that get my attention. First, it’s simple. No complicated assembly. No lengthy instructions. No frustration. Just fun! Second, it provides an outlet for his creativity and imagination. Structured activities definitely have their place, but I really enjoy activities where I can see my kid’s imagination at work.
The activity I have for you today has both of these traits. It’s simple and it allows for hours of imaginative play. Today we’ll make our own Moon Sand. Making the Moon Sand is really easy. Ready for the instructions?

  1. Pour 8 cups of flour into a large bowl.
  2. Add 1 cup of baby oil.
  3. Mix.

That’s it. Nothing more to it. Now you have a batch of Moon Sand that you and your kids can spend the day shaping and reshaping into whatever your heart desires. So get to it. Let your imagination soar and create something wonderful.
If you do give it a try. Leave a comment here and let us know what you made, or maybe share a pic with us on Facebook. We’d love to see what your kids build.