1335026_88032289-300x225First of all, I know after seeing the title of this post you’re all probably looking out the window and wondering where the rain is? You may have even gone to weather.com to see if there’s something you should know. If you did, then like me you saw that there’s nothing but sunshine forecasted for the next 10 days. So, to answer the obvious question running through your minds, I am writing this post as my version of a rain dance.
We’re almost exactly one month away from the first day of Spring, and this year I’d prefer to not see all of my newly planted plants wither and die amidst the bone dry air being cooked by the Texas sun. So I’m offering this post as my rain dance. If the rain doesn’t come, however, that’s no reason to skip out on having some fun and doing a craft project with your kids. If there’s no rain, then move the craft table outside and do a Sunny Day Project instead.
The project I want to share with you today is one I did as a kid, making your own pirate telescope. It’s a fun, simple project to do, and if your kids love pirates and pretend as much as mine does, then it’ll provide hours of entertainment after its done. Now, I was going to share the version of this project I did as a kid, but that involved using tape or glue to attach one image to the end of your telescope. Luckily, before I sat down to write this, I did a quick search and found another version that I think is much better. The version I found at TheGoldJellyBean.com will allow to you to create as many slides as you want so you and your telescope can have endless adventures. I’m going to add the pictures from The Gold Jellybean here. You can most likely just look at the pictures and figure out what to do, but if you need some more instruction or want to know exactly what materials they used to create their telescope just hop over to the site and check it out.
Even if you don’t need further instructions, I still recommend checking out the site. It has a ton of really cool ideas!
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