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If you’re lucky, you have kids who are eager to help get the holiday meal together for Thanksgiving. There do come times, however, when cooking a large holiday meal can get a bit hectic, and even the most well-intentioned of child helpers can be a bit distracting and even a little dangerous.
The best way to keep them occupied when the kitchen gets a bit to crowded is to have a project set up for them to do (mostly) on their own. A prefect Thanksgiving  project that they can do with just a little bit of supervision is decorating Rice Krispies Turkey Treats.
In order to get this project set up, you’ll want to make some Rice Krispies balls ahead of time. There are often instructions for making Rice Krispies treats on the Rice Krispies box, but if you need instructions their website has compete instructions for Rice Krispies Treats On A Stick — just click here.
Make sure to flatten one edge of your balls, but not the bottom. Rather than having the stick up in the air like a normal cake pop, you’ll want your stick to come out of the side of your ball and be parallel to the countertop.
Once the treats are made, you’ll just need a few things so your kids can turn your Rice Krispies Balls into turkeys:

  • A fondue pot of melted chocolate
  • A bag of candy corn
  • A bag of round, white sprinkles, or red hots
  • Wax paper

Here’s what your kids will do to create their turkeys:

  1. Dip their Rice Krispies balls round side down into the melted chocolate.
  2. After the chocolate is applied, have them place their turkey on the wax paper to cool for just a minute.
  3. Once the chocolate has cooled just a bit, push 3 candy corns small end down into the rear of the turkey to create his feathers.
  4. Next push one candy corn, wide end first, into the front of the ball to create the beak.
  5. Then, add your sprinkles or red hots to make the turkeys eyes.

Once you have covered the balls in chocolate and added the candy, your turkey is complete. Once the chocolate has fully cooled and hardened the turkeys are ready to be eaten. Enjoy!