If you are looking for an easy project to do with the kiddos my son had a blast with this one. Kids love dinosaurs and kids love watching things grow so why not put them together? This fun and easy project was fun for the whole family.

green dinosaur planter with small green succulent

Image found on Pinterest

Supplies Needed

  • Plastic dinosaurs
  • A craft knife
  • Spray Paint (Optional)
  • Organic potting soil
  • Organic succulent plants

What To Do

  1. Using the craft knife cut a hole in the back of the plastic dinosaur big enough to fit a plant.( Adult supervision is required)
  2. Lay your plastic dinosaurs on plastic covering and spray paint. Let set to completely dry.
  3. Generously fill up hole with soil and place your plant in soil.
  4. Spray plants with water and display!

These fun Dinosaur plants are not only unique, but also fun to look at. They’re a great project for parents and kids to do together this summer.
We originally found this project via HGTV.