While searching for a new holiday baking project for the kids I came across this awesome project on Parents.com. These snowman “cookies” are very easy to make, and are featured as part of Parents.com 12 Kid Friendly Christmas Cookies post.
You can click through to the project page on Parents.com to check it out, but here’s the gist:
Get a bunch of donut holes from the grocery store. You’ll need an even number; half for the tops and half for the bottoms of the snowmen. Once you have your donut holes ready, microwave vanilla frosting on high for 10 seconds or until it is liquid-y.
Then, simply dunk the donut hoes in the frosting to make them look like snowballs. You can use black and orange tube frosting to make eyes, a mouth and a nose, or you can use dried papaya for the nose as the original article suggests.
If you want a simple snowman, then just go ahead and stack your face on top of another undecorated ball and you are done. If you are a bit more ambitious, the original page suggests using an Oreo cookie to make a hat and a fruit strip for a scarf as well.
Regardless of how fancy you make your snowmen, it’s a simple project that looks cool and tastes delicious!
Hint: If you don’t want to deal with the dunking in frosting, just use powdered sugar donuts instead and use a toothpick to hold them together instead of the frosting holding them together.