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Fiesta is just days away! That means parades, food, and a lot of fun. Remember though that the fun can come to a quick halt if someone gets lost or injured. At crowded events like Fiesta, you need to remind your kids that safety comes first. If everyone is safe and happy, then there is lots of fun to be had.
Just as in years past, the city of San Antonio has put out a Fiesta Safety PDF with tips on how to have a fun time at Fiesta and how to be safe at the same time.
Many of them are fairly obvious, and others you may not have thought of. Here’s a quick list of what you’ll find inside, but there is a lot more information in the PDF.

  1. Make sure your children know to stay with you.
  2. Always tell your children to find a police officer if they are lost.
  3. Take your child’s picture with your cell phone before you head out for the day.
  4. Remind your children to stay out of the street.
  5. Write your cell phone number on your child’s arm with a marker.
  6.  Avoid alcohol consumption.
  7. Avoid putting your child on your shoulders.
  8. Do not put children on rides they fear.

The PDF also reminds everyone to pick up all your trash and recycle. Keep San Antonio beautiful!
Have a look inside for a full list of Fiesta events and more safety tips: FiestaTips2015