There is some really cool stuff out there for kids these days. From stylish threads to the latest toys and gadgets, it seems like they have it way better than I did back in the 70’s and 80’s. Here is a quick list of six things on the market now that I would love to have had as a kid!
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1. Donut Soap. I mean c’mon, you can’t tell me it’s not more fun to wash your hands with donuts.

2. Star Wars Toilet Targets. I promise this whole list is not bathroom-centered, but these are just cool. Boys will love them and so will the moms who don’t have to clean up so much pee.

3. Throwable Computer. I didn’t even have a computer as a kid. Now they have ones that they can just throw around and it teaches them stuff. Uh…maze…ing!

4. Real life Mario Kart. I spent countless hours playing Mario Kart instead of studying in college. Now kids can race these 3D printed cars instead. Design my own car and then race it? Um, yes please!