mother and son family funThere are many fun, free activities that you can do with your children!  Believe it or not, fun quality time can be spent doing your regular day-to-day activities while using a little imagination.

The next time you make a trip to the library or bookstore for yourself, take your child and let them browse along with you.  Sit down and read together or go during a time when someone will be reading to the children.

Take a few of your old clothes and make them into dress up outfits that you can use around the house.  Pick a favorite character out of your child’s favorite book and dress up like them as you read the story.  There is nothing better than to have your child’s favorite character come to life.  You can even invite a few friends to join the fun.

Pick a meal that’s easy to prepare and let your child help.  Invite the family to sit down together and enjoy the great tasting food that your child prepared.

Have a picnic in your backyard or favorite park.

Do you like to do things in your garden?  Invite your child to help you take care of your plants or veggies.  Keep a journal with your child to keep track on how the things you have planted are growing.

Find some things around your house that you don’t mind burying such as small trinkets, old toys, etc.  Gather some small plastic shovels, old paintbrushes, re-sealable bags, a small box and a map.  Hide the items you have gathered in a box full of damp soil and go on a treasure hunt.

Go on a field trip.  Take a walk around the neighborhood or favorite park and talk about all the things you see.

Have a family game night.  Board games are always fun and it gives everyone a chance to sit down and have fun together.

Art time is always fun.  Take some old magazines, markers, crayons, paint, etc. and create your own masterpiece.  Hang them up so you can enjoy what you have created.