Since my wife spent almost all of her teenage years and the majority of her time as an adult (so far) working in child care centers, she already knew some basic baby sign language signs when we had kids .
I, on the other hand, didn’t know any. I quickly learned that teaching our babies/toddlers some basic signs could make communicating much easier. And, because they were able to tell me who or what they wanted, we has less meltdowns because I could meet their needs more efficiently.
As I was thinking about the best way to share some simple signs with you — photos, drawings, videos — I came across After a little clicking around, I found their first signs article and the awesome instructional pictures it contains.
Their Top Ten Starter Signs post contains some simple signs to get started with. Honestly, I never learned much more than they share in this post and even that basic knowledge was helpful. If you haven’t tried baby signing, I highly suggest you give these a try. Just having some signs for milk, food, mom, and dad can make life much easier.
The pictures in this post make it easy to learn the signs and they have lots of other great posts and resources as well. Here is a screenshot from their website. You can click the image to jump to the post and see the rest of the signs it contains.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 8.09.39 PM

Click image to see more signs at